Middle click?

Hello ive just recieved my microsoft sidewinder x8 and I cannot use/bind the wheel/tilt/middle click in games (fallout 3 crysis).

I know that the wheel/middle click works because it works in internet explorer and on desktop tasks but will not respond in any game and is not bindable in any options.

I had the same issue with a logitech mouse a few months back but fixed it by uninstalling setpoint.

I tried to uninstall the software that came with the x8 but has not resolved the issue.

Help me please!
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  1. a lot of games I use my x8 for have trouble with the default bindings on the extra buttons. most newer big name games (after 2010 or so) seem to recognize them as Mouse Button 3, Mouse Button 4, and Mouse Button 5 but the left/right scroll have never been recognized ingame with the default binding. a lot of games I have to bind the two thumbs, the middle click, and the left/right scroll to other keyboard keys first using the Intellipoint software.
    I leave them bound for regular computing to:
    bottom thumb = CTRL
    top thumb = ALT
    middle click = DELETE
    left/right scroll = default
    seems to speed up most pc work by quite a bit but with gaming I usually use:
    bottom thumb = [
    top thumb = ]
    middle click = \
    left/right scroll = -/+
    all keys that usually don't effect default game bindings.
    I would image a $40+ mouse would have better default support and not lie about how many buttons can be used but we learn as we buy I guess.
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