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I'm currently using NF61V motherboard. Is it compatible with HD5670. If not any suggestion which graphic card more suitable. thanks
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  1. It has a PCIe x 16 slot so it should work. For little more performance in the same price range you could look at 9800GT.
  2. yes it got PCIe x 16 but with x1speed. may i know what is different with x1 & x16 speed.
  3. You are telling me that the PCIe x16 physical slot is running at x1 speed. In that case it is not useful for a GPU. On the other hand if you are saying that the slot is PCIe x 16 version 1.0, it will accept the card at 16x speed.
    The speed of the slot is the bandwidth.
  4. i thinks so... because there are 2 model, one is NF61V had PCIe x 16 (x1 speed) & another one is NF61S had PCIe x 16 (x8 speed). i'm not sure what is the different between it.
  5. The 8x would be fine the 1x would bottleneck slower GPU's.
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