XPS 630 wont boot

Hey all,

I just installed a liquid cooling kit in my computer last night and installation was fine, but now the computer shows the bios loading screen then the monitor turns off and theres no hard drive activity. When the computer starts there are no error beep codes. I tested the motherboard to make sure it was still functioning by removing the ram and starting up and I got the beeps.

I also reapplied thermal paste on my cpu while i was at it and that was smooth, so I dont believe anything is wrong there. The cpu warms up so im assuming its still okay. I also reset the BIOS by removing the battery, all night since it was late and needed sleep.

Im not sure whats wrong, I've reseated the RAM and graphics cards but same thing happens. Soon as the bios are done loading, the screen goes into power save and theres no hard drive activity or random spurts of activity but nothing like a computer starting up.

Dell XPS 630i
Q6600 2.4ghz
4gb Corsair Dominator
Cooler Master Aquagate Duo liquid cooling
2 x ATI Radeon 3870 in CrossFirex

Any help would be appreciated, Im lost on what to try next :(
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  1. Did you put TIM on the GPUs?

    Make sure all cables are connected, then put the stock cooler back on one 3870 and try to boot with a single card. There might be a possibility of damaging the card while installing the Aquagate.
  2. I just tried stock cooler for gpus and nothing. I put some arctic silver 5 on the cards. :( I just tried switching slots with the two cards but same thing.
  3. At what point does the screen go black though? right after POST?
  4. Right after POST. The Dell logo comes up and bar loads to full, then when the screen should move on to windows logo and such the screen goes off and no activity.

    Forgot to mention, Im running a raid 0 config, so ive been trying to get into the BIOS to set it up again since i reset the BIOS. But when I press my bios setup key the option lights up but screen turns off and then nothing again. I dont know if its actually getting to the bios setup or if its just doing what its doing when I dont press the bios setup key. I really hope i dont have a hardware problem, Im broke lol
  5. New development, sometimes the dell logo loading bar will only get to half way and at the point where the usb keyboard would turn on, the screen turns off. I tried disconnecting keyboard but same thing happens.
  6. Did you move any hardware besides the GPUs and CPU?

    Try booting with one stick of RAM and one 3870, make sure the six-pin for the GPU, 4-pin for the CPU and both SATA cables (power/data) are connected firmly.

    It sorta sounds like a power problem, but you didnt do anything to the PSU I suppose?
  7. Yeah I just reconnected just about everything and I didnt mess with the PSU. Im lost. Im going to try reseating everything down to the cpu again, Im really not sure what could be causing this.
  8. Yeah I already went through it, all connectors are firm. Ive made sure a few times the cpu was seating right. I really didnt mess with much so i cant really figure this out.
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