I can't format my 2,5" HDD

Hi guys,

I hope you can help me out.

I've been following WyomingKno​tt's Guide: If you installed a new disk but the system can't see it.

(with the twist that I'm using an already used Mac HDD)

I see the drive in the BIOS (I'm using an old but working desktop for the formatting process).
And I see it in the disk management in windows xp.

- But I cannot format it.
When I right click the disk all the options, except "help", are greyed out.
Also the disk is given no "name"/letter and no file system is identified. (it doesn't show up when I open my computer either).

Can anyone tell me what to do?
I just need to clean/format/wipe it so I can install Windows on it and use it in a new PC

hope you can help me,
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  1. Can you not blow away the existing partition(s) from inside disk management in XP? Try that and THEN try formatting it once you have recreated the partition table.
  2. Formatting in progress :-) thanks a lot for your quick reply!

    I couldn't remove the existing partition because the disk was GPT protected. Which I had forgotten all about and hence did not mention before, sorry about that.
    Using Diskpart I removed the protection and the formatting is being carried out.

    Thank you for the help!
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