Iomega drive Power supply problem

I have an iomega external hard drive. I swapped its power supply to the wireless router as that had an issue with wireless and forums said it might be a power supply issue. It is now working with the iomega 12V supply. However, I plugged the iomega into another supply, it didn't work. That supply was only 5v. Now the iomega doesn't work on any power supply. Blue light is flashing, sounds coming out, but not appearing on windows explorer.
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  1. Well you can't just randomly use any ac/dc power block, you have to ensure all the values on the DC block match your device including the proper polarity +/- center. So stop doing that.

    Try to find a proper match and see if it works, if not some circuits may be blown.
  2. In addition to polarity issues, it may be that the router's power supply is AC, in which case your Iomega box will have been damaged by it.

    All is not lost, however, as the typical result is a shorted TVS diode.

    See (photo clips)
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