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Well I hope I Posted this in the right spot... if not I'm sorry.

I've been looking to upgrade my 17" LCD. I have a budget of $200 and just wanted to know what you guys thought the best "Bang-for-the-Buck" monitor is.

I may eventually go dual monitors in the future but right now I think I just want something with a large screen + reliable.

I dont game and I spend a lot of time with spreadsheets so I think I can get by with a 5ms monitor quite easily. I'm looking to spend between $120-$200. For example if there is a good 22 inch monitor that costs $150 and there is a 23.6 inch monitor that costs $200. I think I probably want the 22". For me, its just more cost effective.

I look forward to the suggestions, I know you guys know your stuff!
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  1. The Asus VH236H is a 23" monitor with a 2ms response time, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA input, SPDIF output 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p res, 20,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio, and speakers built in.

    I have personal experience with the VH232H and it is nearly identical to the VH236H and mine has very good blacks and good whites. Colors are accurate and not exaggerated.

    Now the VH236h has been rated by and they gave it a 3.5 stars, read the full review if you are interested.

    The VW224T is a 22" monitor that is 16:10, 1680x1050 res, DVI-D and VGA input, and some other stuff like speakers. You get more bang for you buck if you spend the extra 30 dollars for the VH236H or the VH232H (which is actually worse for more money).

    All that applies if you live in the US, I have no idea what the prices are outside the US. I'm looking at the Amazon product pages for these monitors for prices.

    You could also check
  2. Yes, I do live in the US... I have surround sound. I hope that I wont be paying extra for a monitor with built in speakers. I would actually prefer one without.
  3. I don't think you do. I have surround sound too, and I use the monitor for gaming and productivity tasks. You can shop around for one without speakers but the specs on those monitors are really solid, especially for the price.

    Ever head of this brand? Thats a big monitor for the money... I just dunno if its reliable enough to purchase.
  5. The asus one i suggested is only an inch smaller, and it is from a major manufacturer. I will only suggest monitors I have and use, just because that way I have personal experience to back up my suggestion. My brother has a dell monitor I could ask him how he likes it. Problem is he uses it with his Xbox 360 which means he is several feet away from it, making it harder to find flaws. I do know that it has a glossy screen and a tint to correct for the glare, which messes with the colors.
  6. i would go with guardianangel42 if its cheap better be ready to face its quality

    i would never go for a 24" lcd under 250$ cause more money more quality(exceptions are there)
  7. If you are going with mine make sure it is the VH232H not the VH236H. While cnet has reviewed the VH236H I don't own that one. And both are very bare bones. Their only surprising feature is the speakers and really, they are bad enough to make me believe they were cheap to put in there.
  8. You can get 23 inch 1080p monitors for under $200. Newegg is having shell shocker deals with Asus and Samsung 23 inch monitors for around $180.
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