Upgrade from a Corsair Force Series 3

So i currently have a high performance gaming computer (2500k@4.7, asrock ex4gen3, DcuII 6950 2gb, 3x24" 1080p) which has 2 force series 3 120gb ssd's in raid 0, 3tb storage drive and a 3tb backup drive. (i know all about the trim issue and have a solution consisting of using diskeeper's hyperfast, and i occasionally need to roll back the system using the backups, which i secure erase the ssd's before restoring the backup. it stays quite close to its out of box performance).
However, im not really liking them, because looking at other benchmarks, single drives like the samsung 830 and the crutial m4 are beating my raid0 force3's. I am one of those guys that MUST have the best performance for the money :D, so I think i would like to upgrade.

I also have a laptop that I use only for work at uni, but it is running a standard drive (750gb wd black). the drive is currently storing about 60gb of documents, programs and the OS itself. I 100% want to put a ssd into it, however the sata port it has is only sata2. because of this and because it is rarely used now, i do not mind about the performance differences between ssds, would just like a faster boot time and a general speed up.

I have a budget of about $300, can go a little higher if it is worth it.
Here is what I am asking for opinions on, have 3 options:
Option 1: put one of the forces into my laptop, sell the second, and buy 2 128gb samsung 830's
Option 2: put one of the forces into my laptop, sell the second, and buy 2 128gb crutial m4's
Option 3: just buy the cheapest 120gb i can find and stick it in my Laptop, leaving the 2 forces in my desktop

I have been thinking about this for a month now and cannot come to a conclusion, so im asking if anyone can recommend an option for me. also if there is a different ssd that you think i should consider, let me know. (note: i would like to avoid the vertex 4 atm, due to its firmware infancy.)
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  1. Option 1 sounds good to me.
  2. Yea, thats what I have been leaning towards as well, its just that some people are saying that the crucial m4's perform better with windows due to having a higher 4k read rate, which is what i cant decide on.
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