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Assume that I buy a Force Series™ 3 60GB SATA 3 6Gb/s Solid-State Hard Drive and how can I migrate my OS in my HDD to my SSD? Can I do that? If can, do I need to install all the programs again and should I backup my important files?

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  1. Ugh! They say cloning is not good so I have to format it. By the way, how to format my Windows 7 64-bit to my SSD and my license can be transferred 2 times. :D
  2. If you don't want to clone you will need to re-install your OS and migrate your data later. This should not constitute an OS transfer. Always backup.
  3. Clean install is the best option for a windows installation on a SSD.Don't attach other hard drives until windows is installed
  4. Hi, thank you for replying! ^_^ I will try it if I can buy.
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