New video card not working (ASUS 4850)


To make a long story short the fan in my old ASUS 4830 was starting to go, I RMAd it and ASUS offered an 4850 as a replacement. Sound good so far, but the new card came in yesterday I can not get it to work.

I have done the following:

-uninstalled the drivers for my onboard Radeon Xpress (which I was using while I had no graphics card). Used driver cleaner to clean out the left overs.

-Made sure that Primary Display adapter was set to PCIE in the BIOS.

-Installed new card, made sure the 6-pin power connector was hooked up.

-Turned on computer, the card fan spins and the D1602 LED (EXT 12V fault) flashes briefly. I know the card is supposed to do a POST when the system boots up and the lights are supposed to flash but it should be noted that only one of the two LEDs turn on.

-Windows appears to start but I get no video

-I have tried re-seating the card several times, tried both the DVI inputs on the card. No go.

-Tried it on my brothers system, still wouldn't work.

I'm 90% sure I got a bad card and I'm trying to contact ASUS about getting a replacement for my replacement. But I was hopping somebody here would have some suggestions just in case I overlooking something simple.

Relevant System Specs:

ASUS M2-VM Motherboard
AMD 64 x2 5600+
Thermaltake TR2-550W Power Supply
WinXP 32-bit

Thank you in advance
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  1. It sounds like there is a problem with the card. RMA and try the replacement they send you.
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    Yeah, sounds like you got a bad replacement. It's rare, but it does happen. Contact them again and explain the situation. They'll likely replace it, but might want to make you pay for the return shipping of this card. If you fuss a bit, they may waive that and issue a pre-paid return label.
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