Poweredge 2950 board use for build?

Hey guys,

I recently got a dell powerEdge 2950 Motherboard, model CU542. I came across it pretty cheap on ebay and figured i'd just pick it up and resell it for what it was worth... but I got to wondering if I actually use this board and build a machine. The machine I use now is a gigabyte p55 UD4 board w/ i5 @ 3.4 w/ 4g DDR3 , 750w psu , and a PNY Nvidia GTS 250 graphics card...

Anyway, I work in Cad, autodesk inventor/solid works/ 3Ds / maya etc... and also run VMware Workstation with linux/winXP boxed simultaneously and work on various programming projects (so I may have a couple design programs open as well as Visual studio 2010, expressions blend, web, & boxing a few websites online for references).

Bottom line is, I don't care so much about gaming, but I need a die hard system to crank out the power I need, What i'm running works great for the most part- but it can be inadequate when doing heavy multitasking...

So after realizing this was a server board, I got to thinking "hell, maybe I can just pop a couple xeons in this, drop a graphics card in with some ram and i'll be all set!"
Of course, I realize that may very well be quite ignorant, to be honest I don't know anything about the details involved with working off server hardware, especially using it to build into some kind of personal workstation... that being the case- if someone could guide me in the direction of what type of hardware needed and what steps to take to get this board up and running in the direction i'm hoping it can run that would be fantastic; as my research has proven quite futile, and my lack of understanding may play a large roll in that.

Of course, I may just be an idiot, and this is completely ludicrous- feel free to crush my hopes be that the case! There's always ebay :) thanks a bunch!

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  1. Quote:
    You are not an idiot. However, ebay is questionalble,( but alot better than craigsist!)

    CPU: Xeon Woodcrest,5150,2660 PE2950( LGA 771)

    PSU: Power Supply,750W

    I would say a dual would be expensive. I will say look forward to very high prices.

    Well it's sealed in the packaging, so i'm not worried about it being junk or anything. I suppose the better question is assuming this is feasible, is it worth it? If I have a decent machine, would it be more advisable to work towards a more modern workstation seen a bit more commonly... or would this server board be adequate with 2 5160's per say to more than outperform what i'm working with now.
    i'll be running ram at a lower frequency, and i'm not sure how video cards seat in these things? Is this a good idea, or should i send this thing packin?
  2. Ok great, i'll keep an eye on the posts, thanks for the help.
  3. All I know is the board runs the xeon 5100 series (5160 being the highest in the series I believe).
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