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I`ve been in the process of saving money for a new gaming PC. i was searching processors and i came across an issue. what would be better for gaming? an six core AMD Phenom or an i5 processor? also i was wondering what would be better, putting a crossfire of two ATI radeon 5670 chips in or just putting one ATI Radeon 5830 in. and my last question is what would be fast and more efficitient a single Terrabyte hard disk internal hard drive or a 30 gig solid state hardrive? please answer on your own convience and thank you for taking the time to read this
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  1. i'd rather go with the i5 for gaming

    if you are considering going with the 5830, i'd recommend getting a gtx 460 instead

    as for the hard drive question, what OS will you be getting. if it is 7, then a 30GB ssd is not large enough.
  2. HDD = Samsung Spinpoint F3 - cheap and very fast
  3. well, the i5 will be faster for gaming on the vast majority of occasions, but the 6 core has some pluses too. the 5830 is a waste now, get the 460. the 30 gig will be big enough for just windows 7, but you would also need a storage drive. ssds dont benefit games much (most games).
  4. However, if you can find a 5830 for $180 and don t plan on crossfiring in the future, its a good deal over the GTX460s.
  5. wow thanks for the feedback guys. i really appreciate it. so to recap, i would want to go with an i5 processor, a gtx 460 nvidia graphics card and the TB internal. right? anything else i should throw in there, im not going for top notch, but i`d like to get close without ripping a hole in my pocket.
  6. Whats your budget? Go to the systems section, post according to the sticky and lets see if we can whip up a full build..
  7. my budget is $800-1000 heres the link to the website ive been using and the model ive been looking athttp://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Intel_P55_Core_i5_i7_Configurator
  8. Keep in mind an i5 or Phenom II x6 is going to be overkill for a GTX460.

    Look into maybe a Phenom Ii x3/4 or i3, then put more towards the GPU.
  9. what do you mean by overkill? im REALLY new to all of this haha
  10. Raidur said:
    Keep in mind an i5 or Phenom II x6 is going to be overkill for a GTX460.

    Look into maybe a Phenom Ii x3/4 or i3, then put more towards the GPU.

    how exactly is a i5 "overkill" for the 460???
  11. I call it overkill because you'd get the same performance on most games with a Phenom II/C2Q.

    You need a 5970 or higher to tell the difference. Since the i5 is capable of higher performance I consider that a bottleneck.
  12. i disagree, but personally, id get a 955 mainly due to future proofing, better motherboards, and he is partially right in the fact that few games wont be pretty maxed by a 460 (most should), but even fewer would get 60+ with a better cpu.
  13. oh i see. thanks a bunch for all of this feedback guys. It`s going to help me out alot.
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