New build. 3.3v reading 3.7v Not good surely? Need help

Hi yall.
Just built new pc for a mate.
Done tests and the 3.3v rail reads out at 3.7.
Ive checked the bios and set every option that I could to the right one but no good.
Could this be a faulty mobo or psu?
Thanks in advance :na:
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  1. How did you get that reading? BIOS, software, or a multimeter?

    What PSU do you have?
  2. BIOS and software. The Software im using is Everest ultimate edition.
    Hi-Power Black 800W Theres a link to it below.
    Bit scared of puttimg a meter on somebody elses PC lol.
  3. Putting in a multimeter won't hurt it. You need to do so to take readings anyway. Take readings on boot up, POST, idle and under load. It's abnormal to have anything more than 5% deviation but I wouldn't trust just the software to tell you the correct information; multimeter/voltmeter or bust.
  4. ok cool. do i just set it to 20v and plug it into the 3volt out and the ground that attaches to the mobo? Sorry first time i would have done this on a pc.
  5. if anybodys reading this out there with the same problem STOP!my friend got on to the company who sold the parts too him, and there tech department said its a faulty reading. one day later (today) iget a phone call saying its freaking out and now wont boot. Sounds like fried mobo to me. Hes bringing round the PSU tonight. Ill check what it reads and post the outcome later.
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