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How to fix a completely formatted hard drive

I used an xp disk I have used many times before this time it was to scratched to read foolishly I loaded it anyways formatting my drive now my computer shows it can not boot due to corrupt or missing files how do I recover previous os with out disc it's an old hp ze400
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  1. see if this works in this forum... (bump)
  2. I would try to copy that xp disk, and try again.
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    And/or phone MS - you might get some sympathy/help towards a deal for an upgrade.
  4. Disk failed multiple times ms might help it's a shot :) but I stole the copy myself from an it guy at a local college kinda??? I copied it while he was out of the office can they tell the difference between a clone and the original copy???
  5. also important information the computer is my roommates while i feel for his situation I am unwilling to spend enough money for an os to help
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    see if this works in this forum... (bump)


    Bump posts
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