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OK, Now the question is, are there any other ways of using Video encoding software through the GPU, or to put the question in better light.
Can I set the affinity of Video Processes (Encoding, Grabbing, Playing) to the GPU without having to use Badaboom or other GPU manufacturers Software????
Any Clues?
And if so , HOW???
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  1. Whatever programs you use to encode video *MUST* be programmed to take advantage of the specifc GPU (AMD or nVidia or both).
  2. I know that part that it must be programmed to use or take advantage of the GPU (Thats why I gave the example of Badaboom). My question is , " Is there any way to set the programs Affinity, or dependence on just the GPU.
    Irrelevant of the program that I use.
  3. Oh do you mean so that it uses 0% cpu? I don't think so.
  4. LOL no, of course it's going to use the CPU, but a major part of the work load needs to be shifted onto the GPU. Not 100% workload.
  5. Well yeah that's what Badaboom for Nvidia does and the Avivo converter does for ATI
  6. Exactly, but they're both company software's from the makers , I'm looking for someone else who started making softwares that utilize the GPU for encoding.....
  7. Doubtful unless there is a large enough demand so that companies can afford to sell a program after paying licensing fees for the technologies required.
  8. Yeah, I'm thinking the same too. It's like you can buy the Ferrari but you need to get the driver from the company too. Can't let anyone else drive it, and the limiting factor is the driver just won't go above
  9. Elemental Technologies uses GPU technology. They have products that perform both Live video stream encoding as well as On-Demand file to file transcoding. They also created the Badaboom software product mentioned.

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