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P6X58D-E. I pluged my top and rear fans in the 3 pins slot on my motherboard (CASE_FAN2 and 3). But CASE_FAN1 is a 4 pins slot. Can I connect my front fan which connector is 3 pins on the CASE_FAN1?
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    Yes, you can connect a 3pin fan connector into your 4pin fan connector on your motherboard. It will only fit one way on the board to don't force it.

    There are no issues using your power supply to power your fans, as well. Most of the time that will help better with you cable management. I have all my Antec 1200 fans connected to my power supply.
  2. Using my power supply cables to power my fans is worst in my case for cable management. + The fans wire a way smaller than the power supply cables, so with a litle plastic rope thing (dunno the name heh) It will do the trick.

    Thank :)
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