Upgrading from dual BFG 8800GTX OC'd editions to 470/480/???

Planning on upgrading my current setup to an i7 930 setup. I will be retaining my enermax galaxy 1000W power supply.

Purpose for the computer is mainly video capture/editing, with some gaming mixed in. Real Time Strategy/sometimes FPS like Crysis. Monitor Res is 1920x1200. But more concerned about future games like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3.. (PC specific games since I have an xbox360 and PS3 - which is what I capture with this PC).

first question really is, how will my dual 8800GTX's hold up as of today? and will moving to a single 285/470/480 be significant enough to justify it? or should I really be planning on a dual setup?

Budget really isn't an issue, going dual would just mean I keep my current setup longer and save up. But If a single 470/480 is still better than my current pairing, then thats probably what I may do at the same time I go i7.

Also, i've read that the 480 can be quite the power hog, so will my power supply be enough to eventually handle 2 (of either 470/480)? I don't think heat will be too big of an issue with my Antec 1200, but let me know otherwise.

Lastly, is it still worth it to look at the 200 series cards (like EVGA 012-P3-1178-TR GeForce GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX Edition 1280MB 448+192-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card
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  1. Nvidia's 200-series cards aren't worth looking at anymore. When ATI and nVidia were in a price war, they were. But those days are far behind us now...

    An SLI'd pair of 8800GTX cards is still a formidable setup. My kid bro gets by with a single 8800GT 512MB paired with a PhII @ 3.6GHz on a 1600x900 display just fine. Some games do require some reduced detail, but it still performs well.

    I wouldn't upgrade them unless you were able to buy a single card that offered a solid 50-100% performance improvement over the pair, which translates into 5870 and GTX480 territory... I'd be more inclined to wait and see what the next generations offer, or picking up one 5870 as it's prices continue settling to $400 and under.
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    8800GTX SLI is pretty much comparable to a single GTX285. Think of it in those terms. See this chart, you may have to copy and past the url.


    A single GTX470 or GT480 would be a good jump up. or even a 5870 or 5970(best performance). However, if you are only doing "some" gaming I would keep your current setup.
  3. perfect, thanks. that chart helped a lot actually.
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  5. Here, I posted some benchmarks of a single 8800gtx against a GTX 480.
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