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:hello: Hey guys i heard you can take your old hardrive and put it into a enclosure and then on your new computer you can put all your files and settings back onto windows 7 like you never even updated by using a tool windows 7 offers( of course you would plug your enclosure of the old computer into your computer). is this possible? :D
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  1. Well, partly yes but not completely. Start with this Microsoft tutorial:

    It tells you, among other things, how to use Windows Easy Transfer and what it can do, and what it can't.

    When going from XP to Win 7 you basically do a whole new Install of Win 7. Then you have to re-install all your software applications. But once that is done, all those apps typically set up a default bunch of settings. By using Windows Easy Transfer in the process (this MUST be planned ahead of time and done right) you can then restore all the custom settings you had before under XP, plus all your old data files. This is certainly better than trying to remember all your old custom settings and restore them by hand! And of course you want all your old files, too!
  2. thnx man
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