Help with Win7 64 bit and SLI GTX 260

So I got the idea to play with SLI , ripped the Core 216 out of the system in my config. and put it into my secondary.
I7-965 @ 3.8
3x2 OCZ Gold
WD Black 500
GTX 260 192 core
Antec TPN 750

OS, in title, is a fresh install less than 24 hours old.
Have tried a couple of different drivers, currently on 197.25 after downgrading from 197.45 ( I use Driver Sweeper in safe mode in between installs ) and got the same thing with both;
3DMark03 ; runs fine, I think ( 50,000+ single card , 85,000+ SLI )
3DMark Vantage ; driver stops responding and system blue screens at the end of the loading screen for the first test.
BFBC2 ; goes to white screen about 5 seconds after spawing.

I'm about ready to give up, but I hate letting an inanimate object get the better of me.
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  1. Test the cards one by one and see if it performs OK with both.
  2. Make a wish and it comes true, I was hoping for a response from you Maziar.
    Both cards work fine on thier own, other than giving the white screen error in BFBC2 every now and then.
  3. lol,that's great,i made one :D
    Well since BC2 is buggy,try testing with another game like Crysis,FC2 or other games that you have
  4. I'll give that a shot later, got to find the discs first.
  5. OK,report about how it goes
  6. I gave up.
    My brother in law showed up at my door with a P6X58D and an 17-980x for me to beat on, all thoughts of playing with SLI disappeared from my mind, plus I needed the card to get the 980 up and running.
  7. lol nice :D get a 5970 then(and of course a FULL HD screen or better :d )
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