Stuck on cooler 212 install

Im using a MSI 890 motherboard with a phenom 1055t and am stuck on the cooler 212 plus install.
I removed the bracket from the motherboard for the retail fan and installed the cpu.
Ill install backplate
ill put ic diamond 7 on cpu then place 212 plus on it and screw it in.
Now the instructions say to remove fan from cooler ?? but i already see cooler came with fan attached, should i unscrew fan then reinstall or is there somethin im missing ?
If anyone has a detailed video on installs for amd boards id love to have it, only have found some for intel and amd ones skip steps
Im using an antec p180 case should i face the fan towards the front of the case where there is no fans or exhaust or towards the back
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  1. I've had to install this cooler on a couple of occasions now and while it does provide great cooling for the money, it's a real pain to install. The cooler comes with a fan already attached to it, but in order to actually reach the mounting screws, you must take this fan off. The fan comes off very easily, it just slides up and directly away from the CPU.

    The first thing you'll want to do is mount the backplate on the motherboard. The included backplate includes holes for just about everything you could possibly imagine. Since you're using an AMD socket, you'll want to flip the backplate so that the side with the AMD holes is pressing against the back of the motherboard, and the side with Intel holes is facing away. You will mount the backplate using the included risers.

    Next, remove the fan from the cooler, and place the cooler directly onto the CPU. Then, take the included X-shaped bracket and configure it so that the screws line up with the risers you just installed. For Intel, this will be a square-ish configuration, for AMD it will be more of a tall rectangle. This X shaped bracket will slide in underneath the cooler itself and ABOVE the heat pipes. Tighten the screws on the bracket carefully and you should be all set.

    You'll want the fan to be mounted on the RIGHT side of the cooler, blowing air to the left, through the cooler, and out the back of the case. If you decide to get another fan, this fan would be mounted on the LEFT side of the cooler, but also blowing air towards the LEFT, and out the back of the case.

    This is the best video I can find showing the cooler's installation. I know it's for an Intel board, but it's the exact some process with the exception of the backplate being mounted backwards.
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