My computer is 32 bit, need 64 bit to install windows 7

i have 64bit computer i am running 32bit xp how can i get back to running 64bit xp or windows 8
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  1. you would need a copy of WinXP 64-bit the regular XP only came in 32-bit.

    get Win7 64-bit
  2. thanks i tried 64bit xp machine said cant run this on 32bit,but i know for cert this machine is 64bit,i went from 64bit win 7 to 32 bit xp i cant get back to anything 64bit
  3. Install a 64bit OS, you probably need to buy new copy from MS.
  4. thanks for input but the copy i tried is a new xp64bit paid 64quid for it restarted with copy in machine it said cant run this on 32bit,baffled?
  5. i have belarc installed on pc it says i have 64bit machine?
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