USB 3.0 Slow as Hell, help?

I am transferring picture my Samsung Aviator S to my computer. It say's my transfer rate is currently 1.9Mbps?!?! I know that USB 3.0 Is supposed to be WAYY more than that. I have all the necesary drivers installed and I am using fron the USB3.0 slot which connects to a header on the motherboard. Transfer rates to the device are 4.0Mbps tops this is way too slow for USB3.0 any thoughts??

Core i5 3570K
Asrock Extrem4 Z77 Motherboard
Western Digital Caivar Black which is connected to the SATAIII port
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  1. it is my understanding that the intel usb 3.0 drivers are very buggy right now. try plugging the device into a usb 2.0 port instead.
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