Suggestions for replacement Hard Drive

I'm looking to purchase ASAP (i.e., before any more bills come due lol)
Approximate price range: ~$100
Preferred purchase site:

I'm already running Win7 Ultimate 64-bit on a 90GB OCZ Sata-3 SSD, so this replacement hard drive would be for non-primary programs (for example: firefox, my document suite and a few very other items are already installed on the SSD), multimedia storage, games, and so forth.

I'm thinking the following are the specs I want to buy:
SATA-3 (6 Gbps), 64MB cache, 7200 rpm, 1TB capacity... (Reference newegg link for comparison)

However, for the uses I've outlined above, I'm open to suggestions. I just want the best proverbial bang for my buck.

Thanks, TH community, in advance! You all rock!
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  1. That is the same drive I would buy if shopping.
  2. Thanks, rolli59.

    Any other thoughts from the peanut gallery?
  3. I'm a bigger fan of Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drives but with the current pricing of HDDs, the Seagate is a good deal. Another note though, there is no real need for SATA-3 for a mechanical drive, so if you find a cheaper SATA-2, you would just as well off.
  4. ^+1 That is correct about the SATA speed. To make myself clear I would be buying the same drive because of the price.
  5. I've got 2 of the samsung f3's, both are still working flawlessly.
  6. Current Samsung F3 has Seagate on the sticker but is still the same Samsung drive will be phased out now that Seagate has bought their HDD division.
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