AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE running hot - RMA?

My new system build was a pretty big failure so I'm trying to suss out what went wrong hardware-wise.

One of the suspects is my CPU. Idled at ~40C and under Prime95 it spiked to ~55C (before the whole system bluescreened for the fifth time with a new reason -- yes, the motherboard and RAM are going back for sure). I understand these temps are pretty hot.

I'm using a Lancool K62 and the stock HSF.
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  1. Those temps are fine, especially if you are using the stock heatsink. You start thinking about heat at 60C. And then you start wondering if you mounted the heatsink correctly.
    Your problem might be something as simple as a bad stick of RAM. Also, you did do a fresh install of Windows, right?
  2. Yeah, twice.

    Prime95 ran for about ten seconds before crashing, mind you. It didn't have enough time to go further than 55C.
  3. Most likely a bad memory stick, anyhow that would be my first guess.
  4. Yeah, I'll play around with the RAM. For now I'm worried about the temperatures, though. What's considered critical for this CPU?
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    55C is normal for the stock heat sink
  6. Is it bad for the chip, though? Assuming it's not being OC'd.
  7. deepruntramp said:
    Is it bad for the chip, though? Assuming it's not being OC'd.

    No. 55C is well within acceptable tolerance. I agree with above posters, RAM is more likely to be the cause.
  8. Thanks a bunch for your replies!
  9. I think you should get a good TIM and put it on.
  10. I got my rig stable enough to do 15 minutes of Prime95. Temperature idle was ~40C, peaked at 61C, and then settled around 58C near the end.

    If I go the fresh TIM route I'm just going to buy a new HSF too. However, I was emotionally scarred by TIM as a child, (pretty sure some Arctic Silver spilled over, there was a pretty spark and then everything was dead. I found out years later that AS is conductive...), so I'm been scared of installing my own HSF/TIM ever since.

    I've never told anyone that before. It's... it's quite cathartic.
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