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Hi All,

I currently have an Antec P180 case, which I am looking to change. I like the performance, but it is just filling up with dust and crap on the floor and I don't want to move that huge thing up on my desk. It is really a pain to clean! So I want to get it off the floor and onto the desk- which means small and quiet is very important.

So to sum up I want it all of course... a case that is small enough to fit on my smallish desk, can fit my GTX285 (with an arctic cooler on!) can fit 2 hard drives and stays cool enough I can still overclock a bit.

Looking cool is a definite plus.

I have scoured the egg but haven't seen anything that I think might work.

Does such a thing exist? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. You could always build a custom case or Barebones frame yourself? that way clearances would'nt be an issue :)
  2. I had a similar issue and this is what I did. My case is Cooler Master HAF 932 - yes, huge! You are correct - any computer set at floor level will collect a lot more dust than a computer that is set up on a desk or stand.

    I went out to Walmart and bought a compact TV stand with 2 shelves rated to support 70 pounds of weight. Cost - $17. This stand has a set of casters, and I placed it next to my desk, and set my HAF 932 on it. Works well.

    Now my computer is off the floor, and next to my desk; not on my desk! You may want to consider this approach.
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