Why is my Western Digital Caviar Black so slow?

Hello all,

So after a little break from the hardware madness I started upgrading again but something always irk'd me in my original set up.

My hard drive.


The Black Caviar from WD, every users choice and award in the book anyway.

Windows Experience Scores:
mid 7s across the board
the WD 5.9

I recently got PassMark and the hard drive tested out at 793.1.
Read 114
Write 110
Seek 3.23

I don't have anything to reference that against but the WEI score for that hard drive is the same as the one from my old e-machine. I was hoping for more for my gaming rig. Since it is suppose to be a higher end drive I am wondering if I set up anything wrong?

It is setup in IDE in the bios. Connected via SATA cable

System specs:
3.4Ghz Quad core Phenom II
6gb DDR3 Corsair
1TB WD hd
XFX 7770
Antec 902
Antec 750W psu

Any thought?

ps:yeah yeah yeah buy a SSD:P
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  1. Your drive is working normal.
    5.9 is the highest WEI score any hard drive can get. To get higher than 5.9 you need to get a SSD.

    The maximum data transfer rate of your drive is 126MB/s, so your PassMark results are normal.

    Here's the link to the spec sheet of your drive: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-771434.pdf
  2. That's pretty normal. However, I recommend that you configure it in AHCI mode rather than IDE (legacy) mode to take proper advantage of the SATA communication. This may require a reinstall of Windows
  3. The first and MOST IMPORTANT think to do is just ignore WEI scores.

    As listed above, no matter how fast the hard drive 5.9 is MAX. SSD's are required to go farther.

    3 WD blacks in raid 0 does not even change that.

    Yeah and like said above, its worth setting the drive to AHCI mode so the drive can use NcQ to perform more optimally.

    Ohh and WEI is better then with Vista when every system maxed it :)
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