Should I buy this 5870? (Link Fixed)

The price seems a little to good to be true, but I don't really know enough about these cards to pick-up on any tell-tale signs that this is sub-standard card.

What do you think? For anyone who may not know, Frys is a major chain that should be trustworthy. I would buy in-store.

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  1. Link points to a 5850 for me.... not a 5870.

    EDIT: That is about the price range for a 5850. Newegg has some non-black edition 5850's for around 309.99. Toxic editions go for 379.99.
  2. Yup that links reports a 5850
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    If that is indeed the correct price for that card (not a typo or screw-up) then yes, that is a great price for that card. I would make sure that is the correct price though. I would hate to see someone buy it only to have a Asus 5850 shipped to them instead.

    I have a Asus 5870 and its a great card. I've had no issues with mine.
  4. wow,$360 for a 5870 ? IMO if you want to order,double check with them for the price and the model and then order it
  5. Alright, my wife is calling them right now to buy one (such a good a woman). We'll see if its valid.

  6. Well, it was valid but sold out, even tho website said they had it at my location. Oh well.

    Thanks, anyway.
  7. too bad,it was a solid deal :D
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