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Hey guyz i have hd 4850 512 MB sapphire..And since the new HD 5xxx series are released should i go for a 5670 or some slow cards like that for just the directx 11 features. Or should i just keep my hd 4850 which is faster than hd 5670 ,5750 and few other HD 5xxx series cards..

Okay if im correct hd 4850 performance better than few 5xxx series cards right???
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  1. Keep your HD4850, to change to a weaker or equal card for DX11 support is not viable since the cards take a performance hit from running DX11.
    HD4850 about = HD5750
  2. Honestly I would keep your current card. Unless you are looking at upgrading to its new gen card, the 5850, I really wouldn't bother. Usually you want at least a 50% increase to really vouch for an upgrade. The 5850 would actually give you closer to a 100% increase. DX11 is nice, but not a reason to upgrade.

    Like said above a 4850 performs just under a 5750.
  3. hey Jay 2 tall u too wanted to upgrade to HD 58xxx series right so waht happened to u??
  4. If u want to upgrade then take at least HD5850, otherwise keep your card.
    You will lose performance if u change to HD5670.
  5. Keep your card.
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    For now keep your 4850. The speed of that card is roughly around the speed of a 5750. The main difference is that the new cards can do DX11 and eyfinity. The 56xx series will be slower. They're more of a budget card.

    I say wait until the next generation cards come out as they will definitely be faster than the current 57xx cards.

    Read toms video card guides and you can see the 57xx series are not much faster. If you want better speed you need to go with at least a 5830 but that'll cost you a lot more.
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  8. Yea, I reccomend that you keep the 4850. Southern Islands will be here in a few months, and if you are really itching for perfomance, you should get yourself a second 4850 !
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