Antec Ninehundred and MOBO help.

Hello forum, so i recently bought parts for a computer and for my case i bought the antec nine hundred , now my problem comes when i try to connect the antec front panel 2.0 USB in my motherboard, which is this MSI 870A-G54 when i connect the usb cable and try to power it up it just lights up for less than a second and turns off, my question is since the antec has usb2 and the mobo usb3 are they not compatible? another thing that happened while testing my mobo was when i connected the Asus front panel audio into the mobo JAUD1 it failed and smoke came out luckily nothing was damages except possibly the audio cable can some one help me on what happened there? thank you forum!
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  1. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Besides, the MSI 870A-G54 has USB 2.0 headers (pretty sure), not USB 3.0.

    What is this light up for a second you are talking about? The computer? Or a flash drive or so?
  2. The PSU and the fans which have LED light lighted up, i just unplugged the front panel usb from the front since it was causing it to shut down for some reason, i have another issue though my video card which works on this computer, won't work on the other motherboard, what could be the cause, could the mobo be defective? one thing i forgot to mention is that i got this ram which some people recommended , could that be part of the problem with my video output or does that have nothing to do?
  3. Sounds like an rma to me!
    Really smoke?
    If you bought this at Newegg it appears they got a batch of dud boards from reading the reviews.
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