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I am thinking about possibly going the liquid cooled route but I have 2 questions right of the start

1) how much maintenance is required to maintain a liquid cooled case

2) how quiet are liquid cooled cases
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  1. I don't think there are really any water cooled cases, just a water cooled system in a case which can mount a radiator.

    Liquid cooled cases are quieter generally, although it depends what you have cooled.
  2. Sorry I meant liquid cooled systems, and I am looking to cool my CPU
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    Maintainance really depends on you man,

    But you will have to drain the system at least twice a year to change the liquid and top up on anti-fungal, and although W/c technically should be 'silent' you still need fans to cool the radiator so make em big and slow ones if you want a quieter system
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  6. No problem, Thank you for best answer :)
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