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P8P67 TROUBLE!!!!! ripping my hair out lol

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February 16, 2011 12:50:33 PM

ok so as the title says i just build a new system and its having some issues. feedback on whether these are common problems or a reason to RMA is much appreciated.

1. i had 1 SSD connected to the marvel 6Gb sata (navy blue) along with my cdrom drive. load times would sometimes hang on the windows logo (windows 7). then i had two caviar black HDs connected to the intel sata ports (gray) and for some reason windows only read that there was one. i switched them around so the two caviar blacks were on the navy blue and SSD/cd drive on the gray and everything seems to work fine that way.........................why!!

2. 2600k on p8p67 and its seems to take longer then it should to load up fully for a SSD is there something that needs to be done in BIOS to make it normal?

3. not really an issue just a question :) . is there a way to make windows not default to my SSD when installing applications so i dont have to manually go in and change the drive letter for every program ionstallation?
a c 234 V Motherboard
February 16, 2011 3:05:38 PM

1) Marvel controllers typically are not design or like a CD/DVD drive installed on them, which to me is your issue there (as shown by it working the other way around). I would put the SSD and one HDD on the Marvel and install the other HDD & CD/DVD drive on the SATA II port.

2) What is "normal" or what is "longer" for you? It should take roughly 20 to 40 seconds to get to the Windows desktop once the BIOS screen appears with a SSD. Some motherboards take 20 seconds or so to even boot up to the BIOS screen, which there is nothing that can be done to address that (outside of a different motherboard).

3) I have not seen a way to make Windows to default to another drive when installing applications. You have to do the "Custom Install" to switch :(  . Here is an article I wrote on tweaking SSD's that you might find useful...
a c 107 V Motherboard
February 16, 2011 3:25:36 PM

1. Confirming that the Marvell controllers are designed for hard drives or SSDs only. No opticals allowed.

2. The more drivers and programs that are loaded at startup, the longer it will take. Disable all unneeded ports in the BIOS to speed things up by a few seconds.

3. There probably is a way to set the default to something other than the C:\ drive, but it likely involves playing in the system's registry. Is it really that much of a hassle to choose a different drive letter?
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a c 234 V Motherboard
February 16, 2011 3:36:46 PM

tecmo34 said:
3) I have not seen a way to make Windows to default to another drive when installing applications. You have to do the "Custom Install" to switch :(  .

I stand corrected... This register tweak should solve your concerns (if works :)  )...
February 16, 2011 5:13:10 PM

Leaps-from-Shadows said:
Is it really that much of a hassle to choose a different drive letter?

no not a big deal for me but it isnt my system its for a buddy and hes worried he will forget to change the drive and accidentally fill his SSD.........

cool thx for that fix ill give it a try and see how it goes :) 
a b V Motherboard
February 16, 2011 6:49:42 PM

Most software programs give you the choice of loading it on a drive other than the C drive.

As for the Marvell SATA ports.....I wouldn't use them. The two SATA3 6GB Intel ports will handle the SSD and other main HDD. You can put the optical drive (DVD) on one of the STA 2 ports (that are subject to the recall issue).

To make a faster boot up time....type "msconfig" on the start line. Under the start up programs section, you'll see the stuff that is loading at boot. Many of those things are garbage that you don't need. Through experimentation, you can uncheck the suspect ones and see if it speeds up your boot. If you want more speedy boot times, you can also change the number of processors used during boot. The default is one but if you have a 4 core CPU, you can use them all. This is also set in the "msconfig" file under boot section. Another thing that often gets messed up is the system registry. Download a free copy of CCleaner and run that. It will cleanup the registry and that will also speed your start up time, sometimes dramatically.

Hope this helps you.