Sapphire ATI 5850 won't fill screen

Hi guys,

Just finished my build with a ATI 5850 graphics card. When plugged into my samsung 40' tv via hdmi, it leaves about a 1/2'' gap on all sides of the screen. My tv offers 16:9 or "just scan" and "just scan" makes the display shrink more. Any thoughts? I'm running windows 7 64bit.
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    In CCC, go to Digital Panel>Attributes>Enable GPU scaling and Scale image to full size panel.
  2. This could also be a setting issue with your TV. When I first setup my TV it showed the computer as being oversized by about an inch. Make sure you are setting the TV to show the screen as native if possible and not scales or widescreen.
  3. treefrog07, where is "Digital Panel" located in CCC?
  4. Ok, this happened to me exactly when I installed my 4890 HD.

    You have to go into CCC panel, then Desktop and Displays, then Configure.

    Then find then Scaling options and move it to 0%. Mine had like 15% underscan which left the black gap around my monitor like in the movies.

    Let me know if this works,
  5. zeppman said:
    treefrog07, where is "Digital Panel" located in CCC?

    If you are using XP, it's the fifth selection in the left-hand window. If you are using Win7, use the drop-down menu at the top left of CCC to select it.
  6. Thanks guys, it worked!!!
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  8. You are welcome. Glad it's working.
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