Good benchmark charts for new laptop processors?

Hi, in new to this site, but i think this is the right place to post this. Please move it if im wrong.

I am looking for a new laptop and i need a place i can get good benchmark charts for laptop processors. TomsHardware only has a select few and doesnt include the new core i processors.

I found this site:
but im not sure if its reliable...

Can anyone confirm its reliability? or suggest a different website?

also, can anyone recommend where i can get a ~15" 1080p (or 1200p) screen on a laptop without *that* good of a gfx card? I dont game anymore but i still like good resolution and a strong processor.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    notebookcheck has a good comparison list(however you may find some slight mistakes in it,its because they sometimes use different systems to test)
    As for a 1080p notebook,well almost all of them are gaming notebooks(with VGAs like HD 5850M,GTS 360M...)
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