More RAM or ReadyBoost drive?


This is what I have for a system:
Intel i5 CPU
4GB Crucial DDR3 (2x 2GB)
Nvidia 560ti video card
500W PSU
Windows 7 x64

I'm wondering if I'd get better performance by adding 2GB more RAM or buying an 8GB flash drive for ReadyBoost. What are your opinions?
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  1. Neither, instead you'd see the most overall benefit from 4X2GB Crucial; you'll also need a 64-bit OS to access >4GB. If you had an SSD then I would recommend the ReadyBoost only to take the wear off your SSD. The benefits occur only with low physical RAM.

    ReadyBoost tests ->
  2. Jaquith, he is using 64 bit OS system.

    My advice is forget the ram and get an SSD (solid state hard drive) for your boot drive. The system improvement is nothing short of astounding in actual use.

    Otherwise you have a nice setup. Sometimes the little things can make of the most overlooked programs available is Microsoft Cleanup. You'll find it in the accessories section in your menu. Run it once a week to keep the junk files cleaned up. Also, download CCleaner free off the is a good program and helps to keep things running better.

    Enjoy your system.
  3. Eagle Eye_54 said:
    Jaquith, he is using 64 bit OS system.

    Habit. Better to be redundant than cause a problem for OP; I overlooked "Windows 7 x64"

    Sure get an SSD, heck a better CPU or better/SLI/CF, etc. All costs a lot more $ and doesn't address the OP question of RAM vs ReadyBoost.

    RAM article ->,2778-8.html

    2 good guides, some overlap each other.

    I'm not a big fan of CCleaner unless you have a problem. and first prefer System File Checker options {Files & Disk}.
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