Upgrade Radeon 9550/X1050 for movies and video encoding


My system: Shuttle an35n ultra, Athlon 3000+, 3gb crucial ddr pc3200, samsung HD103UJ, Samsung HD103SJ, LiteOn iHAPP422 9, Kentech 600 watt PSU, ViewSonic P220f Monitor running at 1920x1440, Antec 300 case.

I use this computer for web, office apps, photo editing, some light cad, watching movies and encoding video.

I am looking for a faster AGP 8x card that will do the video encoding and decoding instead of my cpu.

I have been unable to find any reviews that focus on this GPU application versus games.

I am willing to buy used or new but want to keep the price $50.00 or less.
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  1. Thank you for your fast response.

    Would this card be worth the additional expense?

  2. Yes it would. It is going to be considerably faster.
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