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hey i have an amd all in wonder hd video card. just upgraded to windows 7 and the tv tuner driver doesnt seem to be working i noticed in device manager i have a co prosessor and some weird looking video card that are both unidentified. Under my display adapter it has my all in wonder and all drivers are up to date. Wondering what to do to get the tv tuner working or if there is a generic driver for this? any one with some ideas. or will i have to wait on amd to put out a driver.( i doubt they will looks like they stopped supporting this product right after they put it out.
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  1. Open the Media Center and start with "Setup." Win7 will find your tuner, you can setup the monitor, the speakers, then your TV source, and update the Guide, etc. Don't forget to attach you cable/sat/antenna to the card.
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