No audio driver for ECS 7050-M v1.0a under Windows 7?

I have a Elitegroup 7050-M v1.0a motherboard an I've used the Realtek HD audio driver it came with for years under Windows XP. There was a nice mixer panel, an equilizer and sound profiles that added effects. All of these menus are gone now that I've moved on to Windows 7 64 Bit. All I have is the basic settings under system control -> sound, but they are not nearly as detailed.

Older drivers don't seem to work under Win7 and I can't find one for Win7.

So how can I fully utilize the capabilities of my HD sound chip under Win7?

Thanks for your time,
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  1. Go to realtek's website and get the drivers for your realtek audio chipset; they may have a generic update for windows 7.
  2. You're my man. The generic driver works fine.

    Thank you.
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