8800GTS SLi Problem

Hey guys, making this post for a friend, i cant help him but maybe you guys can. He posted on my clans css forum so i'm just going to copy/paste.

Just bought a 2nd 8800gts on ebay.. I tried to see how a single card works in both my pcie slots. They are fine.
I have sli enabled in nvidia control panel and I also tried creating a SLI profile for source.
when using one card I get 180 fps in stress test with settings on max.
when I add my second card I only get 140 fps in stresstest.
I also tried changing the Alternate Frame Rendering from single gpu to afr1,afr2.
Single gives me 180fps, afr1 gives me 15fps and afr2 gives me 140 fps.
Why the *** did I buy a second card?

I just had a clean win7 install and I installed latest nvidia mobo and gpu drivers.
Amd 5400+, 3x 1gb 800mhz ram, m2n-sli deluxe, EN8800GTS 320mb & SP8800GTS 320mb
Any ideas?

I think in a convo i had with him he said he had a 600w PSU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello :)
    Try testing other games(preferably)too because you can't judge SLI performance by only one game.
    Also sometimes because the game doesn't benefit from SLI or its not optimized for SLI,using a single card is a better choice for example i have to disable CrossFire in order to get smoother game play with games like PES 2010 or COD4 but newer games all run well with CrossFire enabled.
  2. Another point to add is that the 8800GTS 320MB are not really that good of cards.

    The 8800GTS 512MB version is the best GTS version out there. It even beats the 640MB version.
  3. That's true but the OP wants to play CS which isn't a demanding game and also he gets lower FPS with SLI enabled
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