Hello, i have built my new computer not so long ago 2-3 days ago. I have the AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition with the stock cooler. The damn cooler is sooo LOUD! my temps when IDLE is 39-41 Celcius and running on Load 46-50 Celcius. Should i replace the thermal paste or something? I have copper paste that might help? And the heatsink is Copper so will this cool my CPU Down if not do you guys know a good CPU cooler thats silent but cools very well like my CPU down to IDK 35-37 on idle and 40-42 on Load? for under the price of 50 bucks? Well i live in Norway so stuff aint that cheap so... hmm IDK lets see what you guys got.
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  1. They Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is a good CPU cooler at a very decent price.. And It'll cool down your CPU temps more than your figured expectations.. BTW, which case do you have.? The casing plays an important role with temps.. Also you need to make sure that your CPU area is not crowded with wires etc..
  2. CM Storm Scout i have as my case i was thinking of turning some fans around to see if it would cool down. But i am not sure. I can upload a picture of my wires

    http://bildr.no/view/694453 i know its bad wireing but i dont know how do cable management with a CM Storm Scout! And its my first build
  3. If your mobo BIOS has a CPU fan profile, put that on silent and it'll only ramp up under full load. You might have the setting disabled so that your CPU fan runs 100% the whole your system is turned on.
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