Good pc for somewhat older games?

allright i was hopeing to see if this computer would be able to play some older and newer games like mw2, fallout3 cod mw1 crysis, battle field 2142/bf2 and others? the gfx card is ati radeon hd 5570
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  1. The 8GB RAM is overkill. 4GB should be enough for any games and applications. The savings in the RAM into the GFX, say an HD5770 at the least.
    Just to play safe, what monitor resolution are you going to play at?
  2. 1280 x 1024 is what id like to paly at with good fps and all the good stuff liek that :D
  3. go to and grab an ATI 5670

    sell the 5570 on ebay to recoup some cost
  4. Yup, sell your 5570 and get 5670/5750... :)
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