No Display on 2nd monitor?

OS: Fedora 12 - Linux

GPU: ATI Radeon 5450

I am trying to get a dual monitor setup running on fedora 12 ( one VGA, one DVI output). For some reason its setting the DVI output as the main monitor (not much of a problem since I can just move the monitors) but I can hear the sound playing from the 2nd monitor but there is just a black screen. I have tried going into the display settings.....It recognizes there are two monitors....1 - HP v15 and 1 Sony....both 15" displays.

I am somewhat new to linux so I will need some detailed instructions, but from what I've researched, it seems linux has a problem with ATI GPU's.

Also I tried to get them working using Ubuntu 9.10 but no luck there either. Please HELP!!!
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