XP won\'t boot after changing motherboard

my old motheris to be burn out .so we replace the new board but the system will take the restart problem so can we have the important data in to the hard drive so we never take the data loss. so would be we do.
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  1. After changing the motherboard you always have to re-install Windows. The existing Windows installation will never start after the motherboard has been changed.

    To avoid data loss, you are supposed to keep backups of all your data on a separate hard drive all the time (for example, on an external hard drive whilst the computer is working okay.

    It is no good waiting until some hardware fails before you start worrying about losing data!

    To get your data off the drive now, you will have to install it into a working computer, copy the data off it on to another drive (eg a pen drive), then put the hard drive back into your own computer and install a fresh copy of Windows on it.
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