Looking for a graphics card with low power requirements.

Hi everyone!

I'm currently searching for a graphics card I can run on the 300-watt PSU that come with the PC I bought last summer.

It has an AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9150e (1.8ghz) and 4 gigs of RAM.

I know that's a pretty bad CPU for gaming, but my goal isn't that high.

My res is 1440x900. I'd like to be able to play most games (except for stuff like Crysis) at maximum settings. AA and AF are nice, but oddly enough they've never been very important to me, so as long as I can max out the ingame options they're just icing on the cake and I can do fine without them. Along the same lines, I don't really need 60 FPS. As long as the average framerate is 30 and above, and very rarely dips below 25, I'm a happy gamer.

This whole time I've been gaming on an HD 3200. Fallout 3 is fun, but I bet it'd be more fun if I wasn't playing at 800x600. My Capital Wasteland looks like it was the victim of a massive mudslide rather than a nuclear explosion.

Is there any video card that can do this for me? If not, what comes the closest?

Thanks in advance, I love the site!
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  1. grab the ATI 5670 off newegg for $100, it will handle your monitor at high-very high settings

  2. For 300W and res 1440x900 then like ct1645 said above, HD5670 is a good choice... :)
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