Memory shows in bios, but not in windows?

I'm running a Pentium 4 530J, 3000 MHz (HT) on a Intel Cherry Creek D915PCY board. Everything seems to see that I have 4096MB in total memory except for windows itself.

Systems properties shows CPU3.00ghz/CPU3.00ghz, 2.75 GB ram.

CPU-Z shows 4096MB

Everest shows the 4, 1gb chips with system memory at 2816. (DIMM1: Kingston 1G-UDIMM 1 GB DDR2-533 DDR2 SDRAM (5-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz))

Bios shows 4 chips at 4096MB.

Windows task manager show Physical memory at 2881256 total.

Windows isn't showing that it's being used, but I've confirmed that it's in there. I even switched out the chips in different order to make sure I didn't have a DOA. I looked in windows update, but I don't see anything that would help this situation, and ran Intel Driver Update Utility with nothing available. My next thought was manually checking the bios version and see if there's a newer available, but if there's something I can do without updating the bios, I'd be much happier. :o

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Win XP btw

    Bios ver 0026 on 2004

    Update available 0040 on 2006
  2. So, I found this answer out myself. Win 32 doesn't show it, but it's there and working properly.
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