I am having a problem with my crysis game

I am having a problem with my crysis game every time i get to a checkpoint or to a cut scene the screen just goes black my comp still runs fine i just have to ctrl alt delete to task manager for the screen to go back and the game gets shut down when this happens but the thing that really bugs me is i am using a alien ware computer 3gb ram core i7 and it stills does this any help?
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  1. ok it should be a game problem reinstall it
  2. What about the other game? If u had no problems with the other game then like king game said above, it must be the game itself, try reinstall it and update your driver with the latest one... :)
  3. Agreed^
    Test another game too,if it works fine then try reinstalling the game and also make sure you have the latest patch installed too
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