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hi im jose and i recently got a mac g4 and been ver fustrated tryin to upgrade since its running on osx 10.2.8 some one gave me a g3 running on 10.3.9 with a broken monitor so just to see what would happen i took the harddrive from the g3 and add it to my g4 and both harddrives appear to run good on my system except that my system sounds very alterated (the fan) what should i do or did i did wrong by installing it cuz 10.3.9 seems to run good on my system any advise will be very appreciated thank you
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  1. If i were you Id look on ebay and buy the disc and do a fresh install.
  2. Switching hard disks should not have done anything to cause the system to make more noise. That being said, look around on ebay and get a copy of 10.4 or if you have the memory (1GB or more) spring for 10.5 (leopard.)
  3. I am pretty sure that you only have one hard drive. It is divided into two partitions. As far as windows is concerned, they are two different drives. Physically though, they are most likely just one hard drive. The C: drive is the drive that your windows operating system is installed on, and D is there so that you can easily save Data to it. This is useful especially if you want to backup only your data on the D: Drive.
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