CPU and Mobo Compatability

Hey guys,

I have an Asus M2N SLi Deluxe and want to upgrade the CPU. I've bought the AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core 9850 2.50GHz Black Edition and it SHOULD work as it's socket AM2 as well...

I installed it and the PC kept powering off instantly. So I put the old CPU back in and it works fine now.

So My question is, is that CPU compatible with the mobo? and if so, how do I get it to work?

I've heard that updating the BOIS might help but I'm unsure...

Thank you! :)
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  1. You probably need to flash the bios. Use your old cpu for this and the last bios version listed for your board. 1604 is the bios version for the 9850, but the latest version covers all previous versions. I've never done this with an asus board, but I do know you have to disable any "boot block" settings in the bios, and disable windows or other software "firewalls" to complete the bios flash. You may also get a yellow warning strip from windows 7 while in explorer, so I right click on the mouse to get the option of allowing the file to open. You can use a windows flash program if asus provides it, or download the flash program to a floppy drive or usb drive. Others will have to advise you to finish the process. You must have a good power supply and not live in an area with frequent power outages. If the computer goes down during a bios flash, the board will be dead. The first part of the flash program erases the old bios file, loads the new file, then checks it before saying it's finished or rebooting the system at the end of the program. Good luck.
  2. Cool, I thought I might need to. It's a first time for me ;)

    I do have an electricity meter though but I'll make sure I put more money on it so the power doesn't run out :)

  3. Just thought I'd post an update regarding my issue:

    All is well. I flashed the bios and am now using my new CPU! :)

    Thanks again!
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