Intel dx38bt or Evga p55 sli?

Hi everyone, I have an evga p55 sli motherboard with an Intel core i3 530, the problem is that my graphics card
is a gtx 460 1GB and I have some minor issues, of I seeked help on this forum and I have been told that my CPU isn't that powerful enough. So my brother is upgrading his PC and he said that if I want I he can give me his motherboard and processor, his motherboard is an Intel dx38bt extreme motherboard with an Intel Quad extreme E6700 775 processor. Which beats my CPU so my question is it worth it because my
motherboard is an 1156 and has a led debug screen on the motherboard and also the i/o panel has the padding.
Other features I can remember is also that hes board doesn't even have solid state capacitors and it doesn't
have on board switches like the power button reset button and clr cmos button I like he's board only because
of the processor which is unlocked and is quite powerful. So guys I really don't know which one to go for please help!
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  1. First of all,E6700 isn't a quad core CPU.Its dual core.
    If you play at low resolutions,then OC'ng your CPU will definitely help and will give your card more room to perform.
  2. Thanks for answering, so what you mean I can stay with my motherboard and processor by oc'ng my CPU. which
    will give my card more room to perform. I think the core 2 extreme QXE6700 is a quad core because in Intel's website it is. You can see here I'm sorry if my judgement is wrong.
  3. QX6700 = quad core extreme (unlocked multiplier)
    Q6700= quad core(locked multiplier)
    E6700 =dual core
    Q6700 is slower than your current i3 in almost all games/apps(with the exception of multi-threaded apps/games which it's a little faster);furthermore,socket 775 is EOL so there is no point in downgrading from your current setup.
  4. Thanks. All I needed to know I'll remain on my current setup.
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