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I need to find my startup menu.
Also any tips on removing programs from it would be very helpful. For instance I got a GPS unit & had to connect it to the internet (for 2 hours!) for it to get whatever it needed to work. Now every time I boot, Magellan wants me to log in. I'll update it from time to time but certainly not daily.
Thank you very much.
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    From the Start button select My Computer then C:\ drive> Documents and Settings>folder with your username on in, then finally to >Start Menu>Programmes folder and delete what you don't want.
  2. Thanks I found it. Strangely, I do not see the Magellan GPS program listed. It is there every time I start the computer, though.
    I appreciate your help very much!
  3. Oops I see what I did. The folder options are Admin., All Users and HP Admin. I don't have one with my name but I usually do everything as "HP Administrator". When I checked again, Magellan had been installed under "All Users".
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  5. HP's are delivered that way so if you didn't set up a User account in your own name in the original setup, you get stuck with the HP account. In Control Panel, User Accounts, you can set one up now but it would mean copying and pasting everything from HP to yours so it's probably not worth the trouble. The name at the top of the Start menu is the one that's currently logged in.

    Glad you sorted it and thanks for the BA.
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