Do I need a better PSU?


Recently I've been playing some more recent PC games and my computer will auto-shut down for a few seconds and then restart. (As if there has been a blackout.) I am thinking that it is my PSU because the machine I bought only came with a 400w PSU but all the other parts are decent.

Specifically I have the Velocity Micro Edge MX230

Core i5
Nvidia GTX260
6gb ram DDR-1333

(I think those are the main parts to look at for calculating what kinda PSU you'd need.)
I'm not too computer saavy but I don't want to ruin my computer over a low PSU ><;;
Please help :]
(If I do need a new PSU some recommendations would also be appreciated!)

Also, I find my GPU will run around 70*C ish whenever I play more recent games, is that too hot?

Thank you!
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  1. Can you look inside that Velocity Micro Edge MX230 case and get the actual make and model of the PSU?
  2. EVGA recommends a 500W power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amp. This is a recommendation to cover a wide range of system configurations, not a hard & fast rule.
    We should be able to compare your PSU power output and see how close you are to meeting that 36amp +12V suggestion.

    That GTX 260 comes installed in that Velocity Micro Edge MX230 with the 400W PSU correct? I don't think Velocity Micro would have messed up so badly that it didn't include a PSU that isn't up to powering your whole system adequately.
  3. wats ur 12v amp rating. check the side of ur psu. it should have it stated.
    also what is ur i5 model.

    nonetheless, trying to run a gtx260 on 400w is insane. x260 is n 182w card, meaning it will need 15 just to feed the gpu from its 12v. if u have a dual 12v rail, then u need atleast 18amp in second rail.....if u have single rail psu, then 30+amp. either ways i don see a 400w psu having that much amp
  4. I have a similar system powered by a Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)
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