R/W Speeds Samsung 830 on Sata II

Hey everyone,

I'm getting around 100 MB/s for the write speed. I'm on Sata II and AHCI is not supported by this board (Asus P5N-D). Considering the SATA II and lack of AHCI, is this what I should be seeing in terms of write speeds, or should it be higher?
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    yes it seems the old motherboard is the bottleneck for your new ssd.
  2. ^5 +1 what nhasian said.

    If memory serves, then you are pretty much on the mark. We've had several other posts about older LGA 775 motherboards with similar lack of capabilities. Time to start thinking about a new motherboard.
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  4. Thanks for the help guys. Yea this will hold me over till my next build next summer. Not complaining about the speeds, just wanted to know if what I saw is the max with the setup I have.
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